Ring - RTC450 Digital Tyre Inflator with LED light 12V DC
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Great Value Digital Tyre Inflator

with auto stop 12V DC

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Auto Express Best Buy 2022
Auto Express Best Buy 2022

Text If you could shrink the Best Buy RTC1000 you get the RTC450, albeit with no case or deflation valve.



The RTC450 Digital Auto-Stop Tyre Inflator makes tyre maintenance fast and easy. The multi-functional inflator can inflate a 13" tyre from completely flat in just 3.5 minutes, features a bright LED light, (located on the side) so that it can be used in darker conditions and a 3 piece adaptor kit for bikes and small inflatables.

The 3m 12V DC power cable and 50cm kink free air hose means it is more than capable of reaching around your average-sized vehicle. To store the inflator, simply wind up the power cable in the back of the tyre inflator and fold the air hose away into the side. The clear, back lit digital screen makes it easy to see and set the required pressure.

The RTC450 Digital Auto-Stop Tyre Inflator is simple to use and set; simply select the pressure measurement (psi, BAR or kPA) use the +/- buttons to set the pressure you require, then press the large on/off button. The auto-stop function ensures that the device will stop inflating the tyre when the required pressure is met, and the screw valve connector ensures a secure fit and pressure accuracy.

The inflator is easy and simple to use. It has a flat, sturdy design, a large on/off button, back lit digital display and a valve cap storage compartment.

The RTC450 is also suitable to be used on bikes and small inflatable items, thanks to the 3 piece adaptor kit included.

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  • Inflates a tyre in 3.5 minutes
  • Programmable digital gauge automatically stops at the set pressure
  • Clear, back lit digital display makes it easy to read pressure and monitor inflation progress
  • Memory function allows storage of pressure for next use
  • Pressure measurement in PSI, BAR or kPA
  • Flexible 50cm air hose with screw valve connector for an accurate and secure fit
  • On board compartment for kink free air hose storage
  • Fitted with 3m wind up 12V power cable gets you back on the road faster
  • Valve cap storage compartment for safe keeping when inflating
  • Flat design and directional white LED provides maximum stability and illumination where you need
  • Large On/Off button for ease of use
  • Complete with three piece adaptor kit for bicycle tyres, balls and other inflatables
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
78 x 180 x 197
Weight (kg)

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Code: RTC450