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NEW Xenon200

+200% more light on the road

RX2072 RX2077

NEW RING Connect Dash Cameras

Drive with a security expert by your side

RING Connect Ring Dash Cams

Welcome to the green revolution

Electric driving is here


FastCharge Inspection Lamps

RIL4200 RIL4300

New Jump Starters

Get started when you need to get going

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Ring Automotive – Supplying the Aftermarket

Ring is dedicated to helping motorists, commercial vehicle specialists, and technicians get more from their vehicles. With research into new technologies, we are constantly innovating to bring high performance products into the aftermarket, including:

Car Accessories

Car Accessories From tyre inflators to battery care, Ring's range of car accessories helps motorists to get the best out of their cars and enjoy better, safer driving.
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Vehicle Lighting

Vehicle Lighting Ring's comprehensive range of vehicle lighting provides exceptional illumination for 12V, 24V and specialist vehicles.
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Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles Auto electricals designed specifically for 24V commercial applications. Ring's range includes vehicle lighting, camera systems and in-vehicle power.
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Pro Workshop

Pro Workshop Ring's range of inspection lighting and professional battery tools are designed to give exceptional performance in tough workshop conditions.
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Vehicle Conversion

Vehicle Conversion Ring Carnation offers a complete vehicle conversion service, incorporating genisys, the specialist power management system fitted in front line ambulances.
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