Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Ring Automotive Ltd
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Environmental, Social and Governance

Ring Automotive Ltd has incorporated into its strategy the principles and requirements for a conscientious approach to Environmental, Social and Governance matters throughout the business and is now successfully implementing key actions reflecting compliance.

Ring Commitments

As an organisation operating on a global scale and keen to make sure we play our part in helping minimise climate change Ring has:

  • Committed to Net Zero emissions by 2050
  • Recognised the need for the reduction in global temperature rise to no more than 1.5C
  • Registered with the SBTi (Science Based Target Initiative) to define and then meet our set targets
  • Targeted to support the United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals
  • Started Carbon Literacy training for the complete organisation via the Carbon Literacy Trust
  • Committed to achieving ISO 14001 certification

An internal ESG Team, together with ESG being a standard agenda item for Executive Board meetings, will give focus to drive real change and encourage the whole Ring workforce and supply chain to support these initiatives.

new packaging

Ring Improvements

Ring’s customer, operations and other internal teams have engaged with our external partners to create a joined up approach to the design, manufacture, shipping and distribution of our full range of products and services, and although great progress has been made to date, further actions are being implemented to push our impact further. Actions underway include:

  • Redefinition of our product packaging to use less plastic and more renewable and recyclable materials for the future, including establishing our use under the new Plastic Tax
  • Reduction in the number of product journeys made by more polluting means and better consolidated ordering for higher efficiency
  • Change in company travel policy to minimise journeys, have hybrid and electric company vehicles where necessary and allow some home working for employees when possible
  • Adoption of salary sacrifice schemes for staff to use for the purchase of electric cars and bikes
  • Reduction of waste to landfill with office and production facilities having dedicated recycling points. Targeted to have 80% of waste materials recycled by 2023, with constant improvement to get this level to 100% in the following years.

Ring Initiatives

November 2022 saw Ring hold its first ESG week linked to both the second UK Carbon Literacy Day and the beginning of the international COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference for World Leaders. During this week, the whole Ring team took part in initiatives to help change their behaviour and further push the needs and messages for a better planet. The initiatives included:

  • Team members completing their Carbon Literacy Training
  • Opportunities to eat different plant based foods
  • Individuals using public and other modes of transport to avoid the use of their cars
  • An organised “Swap Shop” for the reuse of unwanted household items
  • Setting up a new wildlife area within the Leeds facility following a “litter pick”
  • A Carbon Champion scheme for the individual achieving the greatest reduction in their Carbon Footprint with prizes include an Electric Bike.
  • Encouragement of staff to support local community groups and activities, including Ring’s kit sponsorship for local junior sports teams

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Nominated in the CAT Awards

bird feeders CAT Magazine (one of the leading aftermarket magazines in the UK) held its annual CAT Awards on the 9th February 2023

Ring was nominated for an award in the Environment Category. This was a reflection on the work undertaken to remove plastic from our packaging and the on-going work by our ESG team to improve or change our practices to be more environmentally friendly. Sadly we did not win, but we take great pride in being nominated. We have just started on the journey to improve our environmental credentials, so to be recognised for the efforts via being nominated, is a great achievement in itself. Plus it is added motivation to continue to make improvements, which we will do.

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Ring Future

As new ESG related initiatives and requirements become known, Ring Automotive will update this page to reflect our progress and commitment towards all aspects of providing the optimum Environmental, Society and Governance approach that we can achieve.