Ring Automotive, SmartChargePro 30A Battery Charger
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SmartCharge PRO 30A Battery Charger

With Lithium charging mode 12/24V DC

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30A smart battery charger with multiple charge rate settings. A complete battery support unit, suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles with mixed battery types including Lithium and START/STOP. Slimline & light, ideal for intensive use with fleets of mixed vehicles, in garages, workshops and showroom environments.

Using the power supply function, maintain a constant battery voltage level at both 12V & 24V for when appliances or programming & vehicle diagnostic equipment is connected and drawing power. Multi-chemistry and charging level selection allow the user to set the specific charge required for different battery types. Test functions provide battery and alternator diagnosis. With LCD display and an easy to navigate menu system.

Featuring smart charge technology which optimises battery performance and improves the ability to hold charge. Two dedicated charging curves, seven stage for Lithium batteries and nine stage for all other chemistries, optimising the battery performance and improving the ability to hold charge.

  • 12V and 24V compatible ideal for intensive use with fleets of mixed vehicles
  • Up to 30A continuous charge for battery support power supply function
  • Rapid recharge in minutes
  • Stop/Start compatible
  • Variable charging rates 5/10/20/30A for slow or rapid recharge
  • 9-Stage charging process for Lead Acid/Gel/AGM/Calcium/EFB batteries
  • 7-Stage lithium charging process for lithium ferrous phosphate batteries
  • Large LCD display screen to see charge status clearly in low light
  • Battery and alternator diagnosis to check potential starting problems and cranking ability
  • Pre-charge health check for your engine system
  • Easy to use menu system making it intuitive to use removing any hassle when working
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
83 x 243 x 193
Weight (kg)

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Code: RSCP3024