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Single Foot Pump

With accessories

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RFP1 Single Foot Pump
RFP1 Single Foot Pump side view


Auto Express Recommended
Auto Express Recommended

"The pump is steady under your foot, while the dial is easy to read and accurate"



Sturdy foot pump with an anti-slip tread plate that makes inflation easier, while rubber feet keep the pump steady during use. A flexible air hose and tyre valve thumb lock system make it easier to attach the foot pump securely to the tyre, and prevent air escaping. The analogue gauge shows pressure in PSI and BAR. Comes with adaptors for using with bicycle tyres, balls and other inflatable items. Adaptor set has a storage case to keep them safe.

  • Durable anti-slip rubber tread plate
  • Graduated PSI & Bar gauge
  • Footplate retaining clip for easy storage
  • Flexible air hose with tyre valve thumb lock system
  • Adaptors for bikes and inflatables, comes with handy storage case
  • Rubber feet for added stability
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
91 x 86 x 283
Weight (kg)

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