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RTC400 Digital Tyre Inflator

With LED light 12V DC

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RTC400 Digital Tyre Inflator. Able to inflate a tyre in 3.5 mins by selecting the pressure measurement you'd like and then pressing the on/off button. Shows pressure readings in kPA, PSI and bar. 

The RTC400 includes a white LED light, as well as a large digital backlit display, to give you maximum illumination in dark environments.

The flat design of the RTC400 Digital Tyre Inflator gives the unit stability whilst in use - with the wind-up power cable helping you get back on the road faster, eliminating any messy wires. 

Comes complete with three-piece adaptor kit for balls, bicycle tyres and other inflatables. 

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  • Inflates a tyre in 3.5 minutes
  • Simply select pressure measurement and press on/off
  • W32 x H16mm digital screen measure in PSI, BAR, kPA for improved reading of pressures
  • Flexible air hose with easy access storage compartment specifically designed to reduce kinks
  • Screw stem valve connector helps reach awkwardly placed tyre valves
  • Fitted with 3m power cable and fused 12V DC power plug to help you reach all around the vehicle
  • Wind up power cable gets you back on the road faster
  • Valve cap storage compartment for safe keeping when inflating
  • Flat design gives you maximum stability during use
  • Directional white LED light gives maximum illumination where you need it
  • Large on/off button for easy use with dirty/greasy hands or in poor lighting conditions
  • Complete with 3 piece adaptor kit for bicycle tyres, balls and other inflatables
  • PLEASE NOTE: 12V plug has been designed for a secure fit to ensure a stable connection.
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
79 x 177 x 197
Weight (kg)
Registered European Design
RCD: 006835617-0001

Available as

Code: RTC400