Ring Automotive: 60 AMP BATTERY SHEILD- RTBS60
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60A Battery Shield


The Ring Battery Shield is the ideal solution to prevent flat batteries and battery failure by over discharging.

Whether the vehicle is fitted solely with the chassis battery, or is fitted with a secondary auxiliary battery, the battery shield is a crucial piece of protective equipment that prevents flat batteries and engine start failure by interrupting power supply to ancillary equipment.

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  • 10 x Programmable settings
  • Ease of programme change
  • Auto mode selection (12V/24V)
  • Connection for remote alarm
  • Switch connection remote on/off
  • IP65
  • Built in heat sink
  • Supplied with installation kit and instructions
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
77 x 75 x 34
Weight (kg)

Available as

Code: RTBS60