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LED Head Torch

with 50 lumen light output

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RT5174 LED Head Torch


Bright headlamp, with 50 lumen light output. The bright, white LEDs produce a light that is closer to daylight, which is easier on human eyes and gives more detail. Adjustable, secure straps keep the torch in place. Moveable torch to point light where it is needed. The long life LEDs will burn for 100,000 hours before the bulbs need replacing. Ideal for working in dark spaces, at night, or for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing and hiking. Batteries included. Battery life eight hours.

  • Bright white LED torch, producing a light closer to daylight for better illumination
  • Long-life LED bulbs last for 100,000 hours
  • Produces bright light that doesn't dim as the batteries are used up
  • Perfect for working at night or on site in dark areas
  • Ideal for camping, hiking, rock climbing or other outdoor activities
  • Adjustable torch to focus light where you need it
  • 3x AAA batteries included
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
60 x 70 x 82
Weight (kg)
Light output (lumens)
Battery Info:
Batteries Included
3 x AAA - LR03

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