12V Standard Panel Bulb Kit | RPB121 | Ring
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Standard Panel Bulb Kit

21 Panel Bulb References 12V

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RPB121 standard panel bulb kit with lid open


The Ring RPB121 is a panel bulb kit, containing 71 bulbs in 21 most commonly used references. Refillable case providing a full selection of 12V panel bulbs with full colour selection guide.

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  • 2x R509TMOR
  • 2x R509TMBE
  • 3x R509TMBL
  • 10x R509T
  • 2x R509TBBK
  • 2x R509TWGR
  • 2x R509TDBK
  • 3x R509THGY
  • 3x R286A
  • 5x R286G
  • 5x R501A
  • 3x R509TMBK
  • 2x R509TMGR
  • 2x R509TMGR
  • 2x R509TOR
  • 3x R509TGR
  • 2x R509TBWH
  • 2x R509TWGY
  • 2x R509TEBK
  • 10x R286
  • 3x R286B
  • 3x R286R
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
36 x 207 x 135
Weight (kg)
12V DC

Available as

Code: RPB121