Ring Automotive: 24V DC 230VAC MSW 2000W- RINVMB20
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24V 2000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter



The Ring RINVMB20 24V 2000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter converts 24V power from your vehicle into 230V power - ideal for vehicle conversions and when working remotely without any mains power. 

Can provide power for up to 12 hours and power devices of up to 2000W. Includes two plug sockets - available in three pin (RINVMB20) or two pin (REINVMB20). Features low power alarm to alert you when the battery powering the inverter is running low - preventing the inverter from draining the vehicle battery - and automatic shut down.

Fully protected against overload, over temperature and low/high voltages.

All Ring inverters are tested and certified to the relevant EMC and LVD deliveries.

  • 2000W modified sine wave inverter
  • Operating mode and fault indicators
  • Up to 12 hours continuous use
  • Compact heavy duty extruded casing
  • Optional multi-function LCD display and current sensor module
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
161 x 170 x 386
Weight (kg)
24V DC

Available as

Code: RINVMB20