RCT402 | 24V LED Load Device
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24V LED Load Device

Signal Lighting Compatibility

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RCT402 24V LED Load Device with Signal Lighting Compatibility


The RCT402 is an LED load device for 24V vehicles. The low power consumption of LED signal lighting compared to incandescent units can affect the vehicle indicator functionality. The LED load device ensures that LED signal lighting is compatible with the vehicle that it is installed on. The LED load device replicates the performance characteristics of an incandescent bulb enabling the system to work correctly.

A load device is needed when the vehicle indicator flash rate changes when the LED upgrade is fitted, or when LED lamps are fitted to a trailer. 

IP67 rated, meaning it is water and dust proof, and E approved. 

  • 24V LED load device
  • Ensures upgrade LEDs are compatible with the vehicle
  • IP67 - dust and waterproof
  • E approved
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
29 x 72 x 87
Weight (kg)
24V DC
E Regulation
10 - EMC

Available as

Code: RCT402