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HID Bulbs

Xenon HID Bulbs

Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs are now being fitted as standard to many vehicles. They give bright, white light output - and have a long life (around 3000 hours). Unlike conventional auto bulbs, they don't have a filament, so they aren't as easily damaged by the vibrations from your vehicle. Xenon HIDs require specialist fitting - see here for more details. 

Our range includes standard HID replacement bulbs as well as  performance upgrade HIDs, which put 20% more light on the road and have a very white 5500K colour temperature. HID bulbs are applicable for both 12V and 24V vehicles that are originally equipped with HID headlamps.

Click on the filter below to view standard or upgrade xenon HID bulbs. Performance upgrade HIDs put more light on the road for easier, safer night time driving.