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Bungee Clic Bungee Cord


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RLS60 60cm Bungee Clic Bungee Cord


Three times stronger than a standard bungee cord, it is functional with all bungeeclic connectors and can be attached with a simple twist and lock. This 60cm bungee cord can be extended to up to 90cm and is suitable for vehicles, the home, leisure and trailers.

  • 60-90cm bungee cord x2
  • 3x stronger than standard bungee cord
  • Works with all bungeeclic connectors
  • Easy to use - twist and lock to fix to connectors
  • Suitable for cars, home, leisure and trailers
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
20 x 20 x 600
Weight (kg)

Available as

Code: RLS60