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Smart Chargers

Get the best from your car battery with Ring's range of Smart Battery Chargers

Ring smart battery chargers have a multi-stage cycle that analyses, charges, protects and repairs batteries. This means that instead of just adding charge, the battery charger responds to the condition of the battery, then applies the fastest charge available. 

The repair function removes sulphate build-up on the battery plates. This is an important feature, as a sulphated battery has a reduced power output and therefore may fail when you need it most.

For vehicle owners, a Smart Charger offers a cost effective solution to assist in keeping your vehicle battery in top condition, increasing the lifespan of the battery and avoid the emergency or unplanned expense of replacing a vehicle battery.

Including models suitable for use by professionals and vehicle owners, the Ring range of Smart Chargers allow users to diagnose, recondition and charge. Ideal for long-term connection and winter charging. This is award-winning battery care made easy.




Ring's professional Smart Charger models offer technicians two tools in one. As charger, a Smart Charge Pro is designed to charge all battery vehicle types, extending battery performance. The Smart Charge Pro also acts as a battery support unit, providing constant battery voltage for when vehicle diagnostic equipment is connected and requires power. 

See the full range of Smart Battery Chargers from Ring below: