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Dual Power Preset Tyre Inflator

With air pump 12V DC + 230V AC


Auto Express
Auto Express

"Powerful... inflated our tyres quickly"


The Ring RAC660/REAC660 Dual Power Preset Tyre Inflator makes tyre maintenance quick and easy. It can be powered from both the in-car 12V socket or from a 230V mains plug, making it ideal for tyre maintenance wherever you are. It can inflate a 13” tyre from 0-35PSI in under 2 minutes from the 12V DC plug, and in just 1 min and 50 seconds using mains AC power. The preset function helps ensure accurate inflation: when programmed, it will automatically stop at the correct pressure. The inflator is great for a multi-car household - it can inflate the tyres of a car, caravan, motorhome or 4x4. It also features a backlit digital screen, making setting tyre pressure easy in any light conditions.

As well as tyre maintenance, the RAC660 is great for camping or leisure – it is ideal for inflating airbeds and balls, and comes with an eight piece adaptor set to fit most inflatables. It inflates a single airbed in under 2 minutes, making it quick and easy to get a bed prepared. It also features a bright LED light, which is ideal when inflating at night or to use as a site light when camping. All this comes in a tidy carry case, so it can be neatly stored in the boot.

Available with three pin plug (part number RAC660) and two pin plug (REAC660).

  • For inflating tyres on a car, caravan, motorhome, or 4x4 as well as small and large inflatables
  • Inflates 13” tyre from flat to 35psi in under 2 mins with DC power – under 1min 50secs with AC
  • Inflates a single airbed in under 2 mins with either AC or DC power
  • Automatically stops when the preset pressure is reached, ensuring precise control
  • Backlit digital display allows information to be read on screen easily during day or night
  • Deflation valve to release extra pressure
  • Built in white LED light for safer night time illumination – ideal for camping
  • Includes pressure setting of PSI, KPA and BAR
  • Flexible air hose and screw valve connector for simple connection
  • Includes a handy storage case which can easily fit into the boot of a vehicle
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
280 x 275 x 120
Weight (kg)
12V DC + 230V AC
Air Hose Length (cm)
Max Amperage Reading (A)
Power Cable Length - 12V DC (m)
Power Cable Length - 230V AC (m)

Available as

Code: RAC660