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50A SmartChargePro

LCD display 12V DC

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RSCPR50 50A SmartChargePro with LCD Display
RSCPR50 50A SmartChargePro with clamps
RSCPR50 50A SmartChargePro connected to battery


12V, 2-50A programmable eight stage battery smart charger with multiple charge rate settings. A complete battery support unit, ideal for maintaining a constant battery voltage level when appliances or vehicle diagnostic equipment are connected and require power. Multi-chemistry function to set the specific charge required for different battery types. Power supply function maintains the battery voltage when appliances are connected and drawing power. Includes LCD display.

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  • Eight stage smart battery charging cycle
  • Suitable for lead acid, gel, AGM and calcium 12V batteries
  • Restores a battery from a deeply discharged state, allowing it to operate at full performance
  • Fast charging
  • Adjusts the charge rate to compensate for any increase in the battery temperature
  • Multi functioning LCD display provides information on the battery's condition
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
85 x 173 x 313
Weight (kg)
230V AC Input 12V DC Output

Available as

Code: RSCPR50