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Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch

Rechargeable with power bank

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RIT1060 Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch
RIT1060 Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch
RIT1060 Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch LED source
RIT1060 Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch on button
RIT1060 Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch charging port and USB power bank
RIT1060 Zoom750 LED Inspection Torch in use
Zoom Inspection Torches


Inspection torch with a 750 lumen white light output with a 6000K colour temperature. With a lightweight and extremely durable aluminium construction, the RIT1060 is ideal for professionals as it can withstand demanding environments. The torch includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery, so no need to spend money on new batteries and USB to micro USB charger to recharge it.

A power bank functionality at the bottom of the torch is ideal for an emergency charge of your mobile phone or any other device. The torch also includes a 6x optical zoom and wide angle standard setting, for broad illumination or a concentrated beam.

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  • Up to 750 lumen torch provides bright white light with 6000K colour temperature
  • Standard setting has a wide-angle light output for total illumination of the work area
  • Optical 6x zoom for a focused beam of light to see into the distance
  • Maximum power mode (750 lumens) lasts for 5.5 hours
  • Maximum life mode (350 lumens) lasts for 11 hours
  • Complete with USB to Micro USB cable for convenient recharging (12 hours recharge time)
  • Built in IC protection to protect battery from overcharging or discharge
  • Power bank functionality, ideal for an emergency charge of a mobile phone
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
212 x 43 x 43
Weight (kg)

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Code: RIT1060