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MAGflex Pivot Slim LED Inspection Lamp

With multi axis rotation and tilt

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RIL3900HP Slim Inspection Lamp
RIL3900HP Slim Inspection Lamp In Engine Bay
RIL3900HP MAGflex Pivot in Engine Bay


Auto Express Mini Test
Auto Express Mini Test

"It's the overall package that impresses."


Dan from Elite and Performance Jags
Dan from Elite and Performance Jags

"The Ring MAGflex Pivot lamp provides a strong amount of illumination for such a compact light, and it's slim enough to squeeze into tight spots on a vehicle."


Autobiz (Jimmy from Eddie Walsh Motors)
Autobiz (Jimmy from Eddie Walsh Motors)

"I have always used Ring lamps and found them to be the absolute best battery work lights... [this one is] the best I have ever used."


Motor Verso
Motor Verso

"If you are a mechanic or love vehicle tinkering and want to get into the tightest gaps in an engine bay, then the Ring RIL3900HP MAGflex Pivot LED inspection lamp is ideal for you."


Professional Motor Mechanic
Professional Motor Mechanic

"...products that solve technicians' most common problems"


Retro Japanese
Retro Japanese

"you shouldn’t have any issue getting the light where you need it...We found it useful in a number of situations… A very handy bit of kit."



LED inspection lamp with slim lamp, to illuminate the most inaccessible of spaces. The MAGflex Pivot combines a slim design with multi axis rotation and tilt, meaning light can be directed exactly where required. Includes two magnets and hanging hook for hands-free use.

Pocket-sized and lightweight, it is ideal for the workshop. At just 6mm deep, it gets light where you need it. 

This LED inspection lamp emits up to 400 lumens. Has a 6000K white light for comfortable working conditions.

Ideal for broad illumination as well as lighting up narrow gaps. Easily control the light level using the scrolling on/off dial. Features a high powered torch for concentrated beam. 

Rechargeable and cordless, with Li-ion battery for consistent light output. The lamp has a 3 hour maximum power operating time, with four hour recharge time. Charging cable included: available with 3 pin charger (part number RIL3900HP) or 2 pin charger (part number REIL3900HP). 

Ring's range of MAGflex Inspection Lamps - A Light for Every Job

  • Slim LED inspection lamp
  • 6mm thick to illuminate the smallest of spaces
  • Multi axis rotation and tilt for full angle illumination
  • Bright 400 lumen light output
  • 6000K colour temperature
  • Multiple magnets and hanging hook for hands free working
  • High power LED torch function for a focused light
  • 3 hour operating time
  • Dimmer on/off switch to adjust light to give optimal illumination
  • LED charge indicator, to give clear view of remaining battery life
  • Dedicated torch button for optimum control of illumination
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
233 x 29 x 43
Weight (kg)
Battery Info:
Batteries Included

Available as

Code: RIL3900HP


Code: REIL3900HP


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