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450A Copper Booster Cables

For powerful jump starting

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RBC350 450A copper booster cables


Professional booster cables with maximum output of 450A. The cables are comprised on pure copper multi-strand conductors, coated in flexible PVC to make them easy to use. Suitable for vehicle batteries up to 600Ah. 4.5m long with 35mm² cross section. Fully insulated clamps for extra safety and durability. Comes in nylon bag for easy and tidy storage.

  • 450A professional booster cables
  • 4.5m long cables
  • Pure copper mutli-strand conductors
  • Flexible PVC coating for ease of use
  • 35mm² cross section
  • Fully insulated battery clamps
  • Colour-coded to identify correct polarity
  • Nylon bag for easy and tidy storage
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
323 x 323 x 97
Weight (kg)

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Code: RBC350


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