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RAC660 Dual Power Tyre Inflator

With air pump 12V DC + 230V AC

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RAC660 Dual Power Preset Tyre Inflator With air pump front on
RAC660 Dual Power Preset Tyre Inflator With air pump DC Plug and UK Mains Plug
RAC660 Dual Power Preset Tyre Inflator With air pump LED light


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Auto Express

"Powerful... inflated our tyres quickly"



RAC660 Dual Power Tyre Inflator makes tyre maintenance quick and easy. It can be powered from both the in-car 12V socket or from a 230V mains plug, making it ideal for tyre maintenance wherever you are. It can inflate a 13” tyre from 0-35PSI in under 2 minutes from the 12V DC plug, and in just 1 min and 50 seconds using mains AC power. The pre-set function helps ensure accurate inflation: when programmed, it will automatically stop at the correct pressure. The inflator is also great for a multi-car household - as well as car tyres, it can inflate the tyres of a caravan, motorhome or 4x4. It also features a backlit digital screen, making setting tyre pressure easy in any light conditions.

As well as tyre maintenance, the RAC660 is great for camping or leisure – it is ideal for inflating airbeds and balls, and comes with an eight piece adaptor set to fit most inflatables. It inflates a single airbed in under 2 minutes, making it quick and easy to get a bed prepared. It also features a bright LED light, which is ideal when inflating at night or to use as a site light when camping. All this comes in a tidy carry case, so it can be neatly stored in the boot.

Available with three pin plug (part number RAC660) and two pin plug (REAC660).

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  • For inflating tyres on a car, caravan, motorhome, or 4x4 as well as small and large inflatables
  • Inflates 13” tyre from flat to 35psi in under 2 mins with DC power – under 1min 50secs with AC
  • Inflates a single airbed in under 2 mins with either AC or DC power
  • Automatically stops when the preset pressure is reached, ensuring precise control
  • Backlit digital display allows information to be read on screen easily during day or night
  • Deflation valve to release extra pressure
  • Built in white LED light for safer night time illumination – ideal for camping
  • Includes pressure setting of PSI, KPA and BAR
  • Flexible air hose and screw valve connector for simple connection
  • Includes a handy storage case which can easily fit into the boot of a vehicle
Product dimensions (mm): HxWxD
280 x 275 x 120
Weight (kg)
12V DC + 230V AC
Air Hose Length (cm)
Max Amperage Reading (A)
Power Cable Length - 12V DC (m)
Power Cable Length - 230V AC (m)

Available as

Code: RAC660