Xenon HIDs?



What is a HID
headlight system?

High Intensity Discharge bulbs or Xenon HIDs are very different to standard automotive bulbs in that there is no filament. Instead there is a glass capsule in the centre of the bulb containing Xenon gas. Two metal electrodes going into this glass capsule enables a high voltage pulse to cross the Xenon gas in an arch shape. This voltage ignites the gas to produce a bright white light output. This is very similar for how fluorescent tubes work.

The benefit to motorists is that Xenon HID bulbs are upto 3x brighter than a halogen bulb, they also have an incredible long life, averaging around 2500 hours of use.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend Xenon HID headlights are replaced every 3 years to maintain their original output.

Vehicles originally fitted with Xenon lights that are over 5 years old are more than likely due replacement HID bulbs.

It has always been important to replace bulbs in pairs. With Xenon HIDs, it is key; Xenon HIDs should be replaced in pairs to ensure a colour match and consistent light output.

Ring Xenon HIDs are OE manufactured and are a direct replacement for failed or fading Xenon HIDs at fraction of main dealer costs.

Included in Ring’s range of Xenon HIDs are +100% brighter upgrades, for more light on the road and 5500K colour temperature options for a whiter light.


Common misconceptions

Xenon HID bulbs are difficult to fit

Once the headlamps and ignition are switched off and the fuse removed, the bulb can be replaced in the same way as standard halogen filament bulb.

Xenon HID bulbs must be replaced by the main dealer.

The process of fitting a Xenon HID bulb is simple, as outlined above. There isn’t any reason why they can’t be fitted by an independent garage. To help you Ring has developed printed fitting guides and an online video at YouTube/RingAuto.

You can’t tell the quality of an HID just by looking at it.

All Ring Xenon HID bulbs are E marked to identify that they meet the strict requirements of ECE Reg 99 - the UN standard for gas discharge light sources for vehicles. Before you buy, look for the mark (and approval number on the base or even better, just buy Ring.

Xenon HID bulbs last forever.

Over the life of the bulb, the light from a HID bulb WILL change. Ring recommends changing both after three years to make sure the light output is consistent.

Xenon HID headlamps are in decline.

The number of vehicles with HID headlamps entering the aftermarket is still growing. Demand for D3S bulbs in particular is growing significantly due to changes in legislation. Approximately 10% of vehicles in the UK car parc have HID headlamps.

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Follow four simple steps to fit our HID bulbs

Step One

Isolate the light circuit. Turn off the ignition and headlight switch. Isolate the headlamp circuit by removing the relevant lighting fuse.

Step Two

Leave the bulb to cool down for five minutes

Step Three

Proceed to change the bulb, as you would a normal headlamp. Remove the bulb cover. Unplug the bulb connector, then remove the HID bulb, replacing it with the same reference type.

Step Four

Once the bulb has been replaced, reverse the fitting process remembering to re-install the fuse.

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