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New Ramp Light Designed Purely for Professionals

New Ramp Light Designed Purely for Professionals

Following on from the success of the Ring Under Bonnet Lamp, the automotive lighting, workshop equipment and aftermarket specialist, has launched the new LED Ramp Light RURL1000

Developed using the feedback given to them by experienced mechanics, Ring is expanding on its successful under bonnet solution with the Ramp Light (RURL1000).
Ring has developed a multi LED inspection lamp that can be mounted on any magnetic surface in a workshop, including ramps.  Boasting many of the same great features as the under bonnet light, the ramp light has been adapted so instead of retractable mounting arms it has a powerful magnet on the base of the unit. This ensures the lamp can be mounted to workshop lifts and the underside of a vehicle. 

The lamp has three levels of light output, with each of the three LEDs able to adjust around 40ο, providing a combined 60ο wide angle illumination, for the greatest levels of visibility. When all three lamps are switched on they produce a combined output of 1000 lumens of light and can be constantly on for five hours. If mechanics prefer they have the option of working with just two or one light, extending the operating time.

When all three lamps are concentrated in the area of work, light is constantly provided even if one of the lamps is obstructed, so mechanics will never have to worry about working in shadows.

Designed with the mechanic in mind, the RURL1000 is rechargeable and has a powerful 13.7V, 10400mAh Li-ion battery pack. Not only does this eliminate the problems created by wires in the workplace, it also reduces downtime or the need for a constant power supply. 

Head of Product Management for Ring, Simon Harvey said: “We know how important it is to have a good source of light when working underneath vehicles. Not only does it make working easier, but just as importantly, the RURL1000 has a sturdy ABS and aluminium construction making it tough enough to withstand daily use in a workshop.”

“Getting light in the right place in a workshop can be challenging, and that is why we have developed and added the RURL1000 LED Ramp Light to our range, so that visibility is one less thing for a technician to have to think about.”

With an RRP of £129.99 and available from September, RURL1000 is the ideal solution to hands-free working in typically dark workshop environments.