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New Zoom Inspection Torches Light Up the Workshop

New Zoom Inspection Torches Light Up the Workshop

Light up the workshop with Ring’s new Zoom LED Inspection Torches

Tired of carrying a bulky inspection lamp with you everywhere? Ring’s Zoom LED Inspection Torches can solve this problem.

Complementing our award winning range of inspection lamps, Ring has created a range of four LED inspection torches, perfect for professional usage. 

Developed specifically for mechanics, the Zoom range of garage torches are made from high quality, durable aluminium – lightweight and able to withstand knocks and drops in a workshop environment.

Product Manager, Bhavesh Mistry says, “For quick inspections, most mechanics reach for a torch. Being smaller and lighter means torches are typically kept in overall pockets, always close to hand when required. We have developed a range of small, lightweight torches to light up even the darkest areas of a workshop.”

All the torches within the range include a rechargeable Li-ion battery, so no need to buy and replace batteries. Each torch comes with a USB to micro USB cable for convenient recharging. The time it takes to charge up a torch is minimal and is extremely time efficient. The largest two torches in the range also come with power bank functionality – ideal for emergency charging of a smart phone.

As mechanics mainly work with their hands, a hands-free torch is extremely useful. The Zoom110Micro, Zoom150Duo, and Zoom300, have a magnetic base which is ideal for the mechanic who needs a steady light and the use of both their hands. The Zoom750 is a heavier duty torch with a brighter light and longer battery.

The Zoom110Micro – the smallest in the range – can emit up to 110 lumens of bright white light, whilst the largest – the Zoom750 emits up to 750 lumens, perfect for illuminating the darkest of spaces.

Depending on the type of work, the torches have a wide-angle standard setting, which emits a broad, bright light for total illumination of the work area. For precise work, the 6x zoom focuses into a concentrated beam.  Both settings are equally useful to a mechanic, or a garage, making these torches essential to a workshop. 

The Zoom150Duo includes a setting with COB LED lamp on the side of the torch – creating a wider-angle light output than that of the torch function, allowing the user to emit light into a wider, less localised area.

Torches in the Zoom range start at £16.99 SSP and are available from automotive retailers and distributors nationwide. For your nearest stockist visit www.ringautomotive.com.