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00 Performance - Xenon130

Xenon130 HB4 12V 51W

  • Up to 130% more light on the road.
  • Our brightest, whitest headlamp.
  • Shorter, more tightly wound filament produces a brighter, whiter light output.
  • 100% xenon gas within the bulb envelop.
  • Closest light to daylight.
  • Safer, easier night driving, with better reflections from road markings and signs.
  • Auto Express Recommended Product 2016. Find out more about this award. 

Specification sheet

Product Dimensions (mm):
    H 74  x  W 46  x  D 35

Weight (kg): 0.0405

Voltage: 12V

Watts: 51W

ECE Type: HB4

E Regulation Number: 37 - FILAMENT LAMPS

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