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Compact Inverters

150w PowerSource inverter with 2.1A USB

  • 12v & 150w.

  • single socket PowerSource Inverter is simple and safe to use on equipment rated up to 150w such as televisions, DVD players, lighting, mobile phone chargers, electronic note pads, videos and computer consoles.

  • Compact so easy to storage.

Product Dimensions (mm):
    H 51  x  W 105  x  D 140

Weight (kg): 0.368

Voltage: 12V DC Input 230V AC Output

Watts: 150W

CE Weee Directive

Continuous power rating
(up to 4hrs)
 120 watts
Surge power rating
(up to 1sec)
 300 watts
 Standby current  0.15amps
 Waveform  Modified Sine (MSW)
 Input Voltage  11-15 volts DC
 Fuse  15amp (internal)
 Efficiency  90%
 Cable Length  0.8m
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