Tyre Care

Ring Automotive has a comprehensive range of Tyre Care products to suit all motorists, from air compressors, tyre gauges, foot pumps and tyre repair kits. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure reduces fuel consumption and Carbon Dioxide emissions.

To help make it easier for our customers to sell our products and for consumers to understand how our products can help them, we have produced a set of How To videos.

​Video 1: How to seal a punctured tyre
how-to video on using Ring's Tyre sealant to repair a punctured tyre and get you back on the road.

Video 2: How to inflate a tyre.
A short video on how to inflate your car tyres using a Ring Air Compressor.

We hope the videos above help you use our products more easily. 


Foot Pumps

Footpumps are a great value-for-money alternative to a tyre inflator. Available in single or double barrel, Ring's footpumps come with an anti-slip tread plate and a graduated PSI and BAR pressure gauge.

Tyre Repair

For emergency puncture repair, Ring provides a complete tyre repair kit with sealant to get you moving again.