Ring Sponsors AutoCare 2017 Regional Meetings
Ring is delighted to have sponsored the 2017 AutoCare Regional Meetings. These events give garages that are part of the AutoCare Approved Garage Scheme, run by Group Auto, the chance to hear from industry leaders about the future of the aftermarket. 

Ring has attended the Regional Meetings, held across the UK, helping give information about latest industry developments to technicians and mechanics. Jason Smith, Ring Key Account Manager, says, “Supporting garages is extremely important to Ring, so we’re delighted to be involved with AutoCare. Being at the Regional Meetings has given us an invaluable opportunity to speak to mechanics and technicians and get their insights into the industry, their challenges and what has been successful in 2017. We’re always keen to work with our customers on this sort of event, which is a great resource for businesses in the aftermarket.”

AutoCare meeting
There are around 625 AutoCare members across the UK, who, as well as attending annual meetings, are also registered on the Approved Garages website. Members also have access to training, to ensure that their staff have the latest skills for a changing marketplace. 

Smith continues: “One of the key things discussed by guest speakers was the future of the industry, with electric vehicles being more relevant than ever for Ring and the AutoCare members. Ring is always keen to discuss this with technicians and mechanics, to get their insights and understand their perspective. Catering to this growing market is central to Ring’s growth plans, and we have recently launched our Future Technologies Unit to help invest in the right products for a changing marketplace.”

The AutoCare network offers training and support for garages and a guarantee of quality for motorists who visit an AutoCare garage. It is part of the wider EuroGarage programme, which has over 6000 member garages across 20 countries. Find out more about AutoCare.