Performance Bulbs
Ring's award winning Performance Halogens is a range of bulbs to upgrade a vehicle's lighting for performance, styling or safety. Directly interchangeable with standard headlight bulbs, no costly wiring or switch upgrades are required. The Xenon 130 range of bulbs continues to meet and exceed the highest performance levels, keeping Ring at the forefront of automotive lighting.

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05a Styling - XenonStar+

XenonStar+ headlamp bulb produces up 4400K cool white light output for a Xenon HID Look. Also puts up to 30% more light on the road for a safer and more comfortable night driving.

07 Styling - XenonLook

XenonLook produces a crisp white light for a Xenon HID effect.  Ideal for off-roaders, sports and rally drivers.

13 Safety - Rapid Response Bulbs

Ring's range of Rapid Response Bulbs have a shorter and more precise filament which produces up to 20% more luminance than a standard bulb.  This means a greater intensity of light output that will provide earlier warning to following vehicles, especially

14 Safety - Premium Bulbs

Optimise the efficiency of lighting equipment with Ring's Premium headlamp bulbs.