Tyre care
Air Compressors
Q: What is the difference between the RAC600 and the RAC630?
A: The RAC630 inflates a tyre in under 3 minutes and RAC600 in 3.5 minutes

Q: I have set the pressure on my RAC600/630 but it will not operate.
A: If the pressure in the tyre is higher than you have set the compressors to it will not deflate to the set pressure.

Q: My RAC630 is coming on for short periods of time and then cutting off?
A: The pressure cut off may not be set. Hold down either + or - button until the LCD display reaches the desired pressure. Then release and the compressor will start after a couple of seconds.

Q: I have finished inflating my tyre and need to reset the LCD display?
A: To rest the LCD display press and hold M button until the LCD displays ON. Repeat on each tyre.

Q: Do we have a suitable mains adaptor so the tyre inflator can be used in the house?
A: No. Tyre inflators require at least 10amp and we do not have anything suitable, except a Powerpack. We do offer a mains compressor, the RAC750.

Q: The screen on my compressor is blank but it was working last week.
A: Have you checked the fuse in the DC plug which can be accessed by unscrewing the end cap on the DC plug, check the fuse is not blown.