General FAQs
Q: Where are you based?
A: We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Q: I have a technical question, who do I need to speak to?
Our Quality Assurance department handle all technical queries. Their contact details can be found on the Contact Us page

Q: What is the best battery charger for my car?
A: This really depends on your needs and requirements. However, our ranges of Smart Chargers and Smart Charge+ have been designed to charge all types of vehicle battery and are the fastest and safest way to charge your battery.

Q: What is the best upgrade bulb for my car?  
A: This depends on your driving habits. If you drive a lot at night or on unlit roads then a bulb that adds more light on the road is ideal. The Xenon150 range produces up to 150% more light on the road compared to a standard bulb.
If you are a high mileage driver or use your lights a lot during the day, then we would recommend our Long Life Bulbs.
If you drive in urban areas and want a more stylish look then Xenon Start which provide a crisp white light with a blue hue that will enhance the look of your vehicle.

Q: What is Lux?
A: Lux is a unit of measurement that measures the light output over a defined area and distance. 1 lux  = 1 lumens per square metre.

Q: What are Lumens?
A: Lumens is the measurement of total light output produced by a light source. A bulb or lamp will project the total lumens over the beam distance.

Q: What is the difference between an inverter and a multisocket?
A: An inverter is an electrical device that takes the vehicles 12V DC current and inverts it into 230V AC mains power. This allows you to power mobile devices on the move without the need for in-car kits.
A mulisocket is a device that extends the number of 12V DC sockets in your car or vehicle so that you can power multiple devices at the same time, Eg. running a sat-nav as well as charging a mobile phone.