Car Bulbs

Performance Bulbs
Q:  Are the XenonUltima bulbs suitable for use with headlights fitted with plastic lenses?
A: All Ring Automotive headlamp bulbs are UV cut so are suitable for use with plastic lenses

Q: What is the life expectancy of XenonUltima bulbs?
A: Bulb life depends on various factors including the type of bulb, the number of times it is turned on and off, vibration, how easily the glass of the bulb can dissipate the heat generated and the actual running voltage of the vehicle, which these days can be as high as 14.8 volts . With all these factors the life expectancy varies amongst vehicles.

LED Bulbs
Q: Are there LED replacements for various bulbs?
A: There are a limited number of LED replacements and they will not suit all cars due to canbus systems and bulb failure sensors fitted to vehicles. LED bulbs are mainly for off road use only.

Fitting Xenon HID Bulbs
Q: Is the high start-up voltage potentially hazardous when fitting Xenon HID bulbs?
A:  To alleviate any safety concerns, Ring has produced a Xenon HID Fitting Guide to demonstrate the fitting process to ensure you replace Xenon HID bulbs safely and correctly.  To view the Fitting Guide, please click here

Bulb Kits

Q: Is there a bulb kit suitable for my vehicle?
A: There is a bulb kit to fit most vehicles, except vehicles fitted with HID lights. Please view our bulbs kits in the Car-Bulbs category. If you are still not sure what bulb kit is correct for your vehicle, BU027, our Universal Bulb Kit is suitable for cars fitted with H1, H4 or H7 bulbs.

24v Bulbs
Q: Is there a upgrade bulb for 24 volt systems?
A: Ring TruckMaster 24v Bulbs are manufactured to OE (Original Equipment) specification and offer superb quality and long term performance.This improved performance provides substantial cost savings against vehicle downtime and maintenance costs. Overall running costs are improved by simply fitting Ring TruckMaster bulbs.