Battery Care
Q: How long will my battery charger take to charge my battery?
A: Charge time will depend on size of battery, charge rate, general condition of battery and how discharged the battery is before charging.

Q: How long can a SmartCharger be left charging the battery?
A: A SmartCharger can be left charging indefinitely. The float stage will maintain the battery at 100% charge.

Q: My SmartCharger is displaying FO5, what does this mean?
A: This will occur when the SmartCharger has not achieved float stage within 24 hours.

Q: On the display of my SmartCharger I have a series of scrolling horizontal lines, what does this mean?
A: The Smartcharger has gone into recondition mode which will take 4-6 hours then the charger will resume normal charge mode.

Q: I have scrolling zeros on the display of my Smartcharger and none of the buttons work.
A: The voltage of the battery you are trying to charge is below 5 volts and the charger does not recognise that it is connected to a battery. You need to get the voltage above 5 volts by either using a linear charger or connecting to a fully charged battery for about half an hour. 

Q: I have an RSC504 and when I connect it to a flat battery the green fully charged light illuminates and it will not charge.
A: Check the connector part way down the charging lead. Ensure the 2 connectors with the metal bullet connectors are joined together. Do not connect to the all plastic dust cover.

Standard Chargers
Q: I have an RCB104 and the power light is illuminated but not the charging light.
A: The 5 amp fuse in the side of the case needs replacing.