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  • Ring Automotive Limited
    Registered in England & Wales
    No. 05305131 at
    Gelderd Road,
    Leeds LS12 6NA

    VAT No:
    GB 857 0586 94

Ring Carnation
Ring Carnation offers specialist vehicle conversion products for commercial environments, including complete power management, lighting and vehicle safety system onto vehicles.

This includes genisys™, the market leading-intelligent switching and power management system. It is fitted in the majority of the UK’s front-line ambulances and has become an integral part of specialist vehicle conversion. It is a technologically advanced, flexible and low-cost solution that can be tailored to suit any vehicle. genisys™ allows fleet managers to keep vehicle downtime and total cost of ownership to a minimum, while vehicle operators are assured of optimal safety and outstanding ease of use.

Ring Carnation's product range combines vehicle power management with the provision of remote power, as well as lighting, safety systems and other components to create excellent remote working environments.