Battery Maintenance Tools
Modern vehicles and now equipped with a range for electronic devices that all place pressure on the vehicle's battery. While battery technology has advanced to keep pace vehicle electronics, battery care and battery maintenance are still required to deliver optimum performance. Ring offers a wide range of professional tools to ensure long life battery performance for both 12v and 24v applications.


Battery Testers

Battery testers provides an accurate way to check the cranking ability and condition of vehicle batteries. Some models can also test the alternator and starter motor are functioning correctly and check the condition of battery earth.

Booster Cables

For emergency jump starting, Ring provide a range of professional and commercial booster cables supplied in either polybag, durable box or protective nylon bag.

Power Packs

TradeStart professional power pack are able to provide multiple, high capacity jump starts in the most demanding of environments. The packs feature high capacity AGM batteries, some of which use 'Pure Lead' technology, widely used in military and aviation


The SmartChargePro range offers professionals two tools in one. As a charger, a SmartChargePro is designed to charge all battery vehicle types. The mult-chemistry function adjusts the charge to match precisely the specific battery type, extending battery