Battery Care
Advancements in vehicle electrics have placed an increasing demand on car batteries. It is therefore advisable to regularly maintain and charge your car battery as an essential vehicle check to prevent a flat battery. Ring offers a range of chargers from standard linear chargers through to SmartChargers for the fast, safe way to correctly test, recondition and charge your battery. For those moments where you do have a flat battery, Ring automotive also has a range of Power Packs and Booster Cables to jump start your battery and get you moving again. 

To help make it easier for our customers to sell our products and for consumers to understand how our products can help them, we have produced a set of How To videos.

Video 1: How to jump start a flat battery.
A How To video showing how jump-start a car's flat battery using a Ring PowerPack.

We hope the video above help you use our products more easily. 


Battery Analysers

To measure battery performance Ring has a range of battery analysers for measuring the battery acid, antifreeze and voltage.

Booster Cables

For emergency jump starting, Ring provide a range of economy, standard, professional and commercial booster cables supplied in either polybag, durable box or protective nylon bag.

Solar Power Battery Maintainer

Modern vehicles are crammed full of sophisticated electronics that constantly draw power from the battery, even when at rest. The constant draw combined with long periods of inactivity can lead to a battery running flat.