CAR BULBS - Replacing and Upgrading

Why replace your bulbs?

There are two reasons why you would need to replace your bulbs. The first reason is if you have faulty or failed bulbs. The second reason is for upgrading your bulbs for better light output and performance.

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Checking that your vehicle's lights are working should form part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance checks.

  • Headlamps should be cleaned to remove dirt so providing optimum light output. Dirt on the headlamp unit can cause refraction of the light that can lead to glare for other road users.
  • You should try to replace your bulbs in pairs. If a bulb has failed and it is one of a pair of lights, replacing both will give consistent light output.
  • When changing a bulb you should read your vehicle’s handbook first.
    • Turn the lights off.
    • Let the bulb cool down if it has been used recently.
    • If changing a halogen bulb avoid touching or holding the bulb by the glass. Use gloves and wear protective goggles as you will be handling glass.
    • Once the bulb has been fitted, check it works and realign headlamps.


  • To make sure you see the full benefit of working headlamps, make sure your windscreen is free of dirt and clean with regular use of screen wash and working wiper blades.